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Side show - 2024

The photographic project "Side Show" stems from a photograph I took in 2023 in Camargue, France. The image depicts two horses that, with perspective, take on the appearance of a single creature, a new exotic and mythological animal.

The title of the project is inspired by the show of two Siamese twins that performed on Broadway, New York. The juxtaposition aims to underline the idea of diversity and uniqueness, of how two distinct entities can merge into one, creating something new and unexpected.

The images of the project were printed in five variants as stickers and spread around New York City, with the intention of creating a spontaneous interaction with the community and bringing art outside of museums, directly into the streets.

With "Side Show" I invite the viewer to look beyond appearances, to reconsider the beauty and complexity of the natural world and to reflect on the theme of diversity in all its forms.

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