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La Sobrietà - 2024

The photographic project I present, entitled "La sobrietà", was born from the idea of bringing classicality into the contemporary world with an ironic touch. I photographed statues from past eras and "dressed" them with modern and fun accessories with AI, creating an unexpected and stimulating contrast.

The aim of this project is to modernize classical art, making it accessible to a wider audience and, at the same time, to invite reflection on the relationship between past and present.

The images were printed as stickers and posted in various locations in New York City, with the intention of creating a spontaneous interaction with the community and bringing art outside of museums, directly into the streets.

The choice of using Photoshop Beta to create the accessories allowed for a faster creative process, which would normally have required art direction, shooting, and finalization. This demonstrates how new technologies offer today's artists the ability to express themselves in a more rapid and flexible way.

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