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Momondo Open World Traveler AMBASSADOR!

November 26, 2018

I'm honoured and flattered to have been selected as an Ambassador for Momondo's Open World Travelers Program.

I will keep you posted on this and the great chances you will have to travel, too!


Momondo BOW Award Cerimony and Gala Dinner 2018 | Apollo, Milan | PHOTOGRAPHY JUDGE AND TALK

June 13, 2018

Honoured to have been Momondo BOW Award 2018 photography judge.
My role consisted in declaring the winners for the Photography section. 
I also had a talk at the Apollo Club in Milan on the night's award. 
The Momondo team asked for a short presentation and I talked about travel in my work, both physically and 

'Rarity and Plethora' | ONE OF THE MOST POPULAR PHOTOS | National Geographic

June 06, 2018

I usually take my photos while moving. That being on foot or by any means of transport, I usually fall in that state you have when you travel, trying to trick my brain even during regular working days. I shot this strolling the streets of London, hoping with all my idiotic superpowers to find something interesting. All of a sudden, I noticed this window display and was almost gone when I realized that one of the faces was alive!

So happy this black and white film development went well!

Artistic Prize Winner! | A2A-Mibact-Regione Lombardia-Provincia di Mantova

May 04, 2018

I am thrilled to announce that my team has just won the artistic prize for the renovation of the
Chimney in Ponti
sul Mincio (Mantova, Italy). 


Below the link to the official communication.


Momondo BOW Award 2018 | Milan | PHOTOGRAPHY JUDGE!!!

June 13, 2018

I am so honoured to be this year's Momondo BOW Award Photography Judge.


I really can't wait to go to Milan in June and give my talk about photography and award my personal two choices.

It's like a dream coming true when you started with just your passion and dream.

I will keep all of you updated! Keep in touch!


'Portrait of London' | EDITORS' FAVORITE | National Geographic Editor Kristen McNicholas

June 05, 2018

Thanks you, Kristen McNicholas, National Geographic Editor, for having selected this as EDITORS' FAVOURITE! I feel honoured!

I shiver whenever I recall that day.
Rain and wind started to whirl over London as I was hiding for cover under a doorway close to Trafalgar Square.
Whenever I'm out hunting street shots, I usually make sure my camera has the right settings for every light I encounter.
Hastily, this scene materialised in front of me and I just had to click. I still cannot believe how lucky I was.




Hunger Game | Street Portrait | South of Italy

June 03, 2018

A kid playing in the streets with a toy gun.

It took a while to make friends, but once we did, I took this wonderful street portrait!

#white #monochrome #kid #playing #black#streetphoto #trigger #street #portrait #gun #streetportrait

41st Publication on Vogue Italia

March 20, 2018

I'm so happy that Vogue Italia's Editors chose my photograph 'Mophead' for publication!

I shot this while living in London. I usually go roaming the streets with my camera to catch good moments like this.


Click on the link below and if you like follow the arrow on the right to see more of my portfolio on Vogue Italia! 

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